8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website

8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website

In the past you may not have thought so, but your business needs a website! In 2020, having a website is more important than it has ever been.  Everyone is using the internet for everything.  Gone are the days relying on word of mouth to build your business.  In fact, according to a Yelp survey 85% of consumers use the internet to find a local business.  And, while that number seems huge, it will only grow in the coming years, with the next generation of adults having grown up with a laptop in their room and a smartphone in their hands.  In this article I will discuss the main benefits to having a website, as well as kill a couple excuses you might have for not having one.

1. Credibility

A quality website lends instant credibility to a business.  When consumers are searching for the product or service that you provide and they come across a well designed, easy to navigate page they know you are for real.  They know that you are willing to invest in your business. And that immediately gives them a good impression about you.  On the other hand, if a consumer tries to look you up online and can’t find a website, or get just a Facebook page, they may question your credibility.  Obviously you know that having a website or not has nothing to do the quality of the service or product that you provide.  But your potential customer doesn’t know that. All they see is that you have not invested in an online presence and your competition (who may be inferior to you in every other way) has.  In this way your website is a way to make a great first impression.  It’s a way to catch the users eye and keep them there to see your reviews, pictures of your work, products, etc. And show them that you are the best before they have a chance to look into your competition.

2. Unique to Your Brand

Consumers want to feel like they know who you are and what you are all about before they even consider paying for your service or product.  There is no better way than a custom website to convey this to them.  Everything from your colors and fonts, to well displayed images of your work  and customer reviews will give a custom feel to your site, leaving the consumer feeling that they know what you’re all about.  And also leaving them much more interested in trying whatever you are offering.

3. Show Off Your Services & Products

It doesn’t matter what you are selling or promoting, nothing can replace a website when it comes to showcasing what your business has to offer.  If you’re a restaurant, for example, would you rather have a website with a stylish menu page that includes pictures and descriptions of your food, or a Facebook page with a picture that you took of your menu? Easy choice.  This is just an example, it applies to any business.  A website allows you to display the best parts of your business in any manner that you choose, a freedom you won’t get anywhere else on the web.

4. Most Affordable Advertising Around

While there is a cost associated with having a website built, a majority of it is up front.  After you pay for your site you have a free (other than small hosting and maintenance fees) source of marketing forever!  Whatever you’re pushing at the moment can be front and center on your website 24/7. You also have the option (which I highly recommend) to use your site to collect E-Mails, and create another (almost) free advertising stream.

5. Testimonials

Sure, consumers can go to places like Yelp! and find reviews and information about your business.  But these reviews are unreliable and do not always convey your message.  On your website the only reviews are the ones you put there: testimonials from your best customers.  These testimonials will no question influence some users into buying what you are selling.  A positive review is good.  But a glowing testimonial from your favorite customer, right next to a “BUY NOW” or “GET A FREE QUOTE” is much more powerful. 

6. Relatively Inexpensive

Websites are not cheap.  And if you’re getting one that is too cheap, you probably don’t want it. But when you think about costs of running a good business, having a professional design your website is on the low end.  As I mentioned in #4 most of your costs are going to be up front after that you are only paying someone a small fee to host your site and keep it maintained.  You pay good money for quality employees, you pay for lettering on your trucks, or top quality ingredients in your restaurant.  You need to look at a website in the same vein. Just as your employees represent you on the job, your website represents you to the many people who have not seen you at work.

7. "I'm Too Small For a Website"

No you’re not. There was a time that this may have been a valid reason to not pay someone to build a website for you. But in 2020 it is not.  As we have talked about throughout this article most people are online, and are using the internet to find whatever they are looking for.  If you are a small business in a small market, you may have very little competition, which is a good thing.  The bad thing, you and your competition are sharing much less consumers than those in a bigger market.  If you have no online presence someone may pass your business and try to look it up online, only to find your competitors site.  And even if that site is ugly and hard to navigate it will still seem more legit to them than a business with no website.  Now imagine you have an attractive website, where they can learn about your business, and ask you questions, maybe even buy from you right there! You’re going to win 10 times out of 10, they won’t even see that other website.  No matter how big, or small your business is, there is always competition, and without a solid online presence, you are giving them a head start!

8. "I Have a Facebook Page"

Having a social media presence is great.  It’s a good, quick, way to interact with your existing customer base.  This, however, should be used to drive people to your website, not be used in place of one.  First and foremost you don’t own any content you put on Facebook (or any social platform), they do! You are at the mercy of their algorithms, as to whether your target audience even sees your post. Secondly, you’re competing for people’s attention, not only with your competitors.  But also with cat videos, political rants, and new pictures of Brenda’s kids every 10 minutes.  People will miss a lot of your posts and even when they see them they will not have your full attention.  Finally, on Facebook you’re just like everyone else.  Same colors, same fonts, same style. Nothing to help you stand out.  A website is custom to you.  It brings across everything that you are about to your customers.  And, when done well, will help you stand out, even in a sea of competition.


Websites have become an essential part of running a business.  And as we move more into the future they will only be more and more vital.  If you don’t already own a website for your business I would suggest moving forward with it right away.  If you’re willing to take the time to learn it is something you can do on your own without coding knowledge.  Or you can contact a professional.  If you’re interested I would love to hear from you and see if we can work together to design a site perfect for your business.

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